Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Late Spiders

I popped down to a little bit of downland near Wye to have a look at the Late Spider Orchids there.

As a wildlife site it doesn't immediately look exciting, but as you walk up the slope a number of wire cages come into view. These are to protect the orchids from nibbling bunnies and size 10 hobnail boots.

Underneath are these delightful Late Spider Orchids, certainly one of our most beautiful wild-flowers.
None of the spikes are huge but close inspection shows just how perfect they are.

I didn't count how many spikes there were this year, but a got the impression that there were fewer than when I first visited a few years ago.


Kingsdowner said...

I'm starting to look for LSOs on likely bits of downland near Folkestone (so far without success) - I'll try Wye if all else fails!

Jill said...

Dear Tony, You know sometines I think I should be out with you on your travels ;o) LOL. I was wondering whether to go to this spot at Wye to see the Late Spiders but was told they really aren't worth seeing this year Looks to me like they are the same as they were last year and not the healthiest looking plants but if its the only Late Spider orchids I get to see them I'll be happy. I was at Park Gate on Tuesday and searched for ages to see if I could find the spike there but couldn't see it at all :o( Thanks as always for your posts We look daily and always enjoy. All the best, Jill

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Hi Tony,
Any chance you could pm me a grid refrence or exact location for these?


Tony Morris said...

Jill, you're always welcome to join me on me perambulations!

Jill said...

Hi Tony, We really would love to join you one day you know. We visited This spot yesterday afternoon and I think the orchids were much the same as they were last year to be honest. However we met someone who told us to walk further along the valley where there was a beautiful flower spike with seven seperate blooms on it :o)) We also saw some Black veined moths too which I think are lovely. Also saw my first Marbled White too so will have to go see if I can find some more of them this week. Take care now, Jill