Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nursery Garden

At this time of year the garden is full of birds and many of them are this years young. I can't remember a year when I've got through so much bird food in the summer. All the finches must have had, and are having a very good year, the number of Green, Gold and Chaffinches feeding seems to be very high.

One of the youngsters I'm always pleased to see is the Great Spotted Woodpecker. Although peanuts are normally their choice the will sometimes feed on sunflower seeds.

When this one flew on to the bird bath for a drink, it hung their for quite a while before actually doing anything. I think that a this age they have quite a "Disney" look about them.

The young Blue Tits are now out in the wide world, and no longer relying on their parents. They do often travel in flocks, some times mixed with other species.

I noticed a female Blackbird collecting nesting material a few days ago. Today I had a look at the
Pyracantha that she saw disappearing into. What at first looks like an old nest does in fact appear to be her current site for another nesting attempt. I assume that it is her second, as there are already a lot of young Blackbirds around. The site of the nest is in front of the small utility room we have nest to the kitchen. This means that I can see her sitting very quietly while I load the dishwasher. Hopefully when they get to hatching we will be able to watch the adults feeding their young.

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