Thursday, 4 June 2009

A mothing mother.

The Wrens that are nesting in the ivy next to the lounge window made a discovery this morning that means that I will have to alter my method of emptying my moth traps.

I normally let the moths go, once identified into some small bushes next to the conservatory where I do my identifications. Some do stray onto the patio near to the Wrens nest, before flying off. Today this opportunity looked too good for the Wrens to pass up and they, or at least one of them, used these easy pickings to give the kids a tasty breakfast snack.

The majority of moth today were Heart and Darts with a sprinkling of other common species such as Treble Lines and Shuttle-shaped Darts, and a few others, but nothing unusual.

Here the Wren holds it up so that I can identify the moth as a Heart and Dart. They have quite chunky bodies, so I'm sure that they will be satisfying for the chicks.

It was soon back again, and this time looked around for another easy meal.

The unlucky moth this time was a Treble-lines, about the same size as a Heart and Dart and equally chunky. I hope that having got the take the Wren doesn't work out how to get into the moth trap, before I get out to empty it, and do the job for me. I've heard of it happening before, with various species, and once last year I found a Robin in one of my traps. It had got in my could find its way out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
Opened my moth trap yesterday to find a great tit and a bumble bee inside it. Nothing else out of the ordinary though.

John Foster

Warren Baker said...

Clever little wren!!

Adam said...

Excellent photos again Tony.