Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Dr Who was here!

Adisham is an ancient village dating back to the seventh century. Now-a-days it is some what overshadowed by the small town of Aylesham that was built in the 1920s to provide home for the miners in the Kent coalfield that had been open in the early 20th century. More recently the village featured on Dr Who, when it was the scene of a martian invasion.

When you enter the village it is surprising to find this large church situated on a small hill above the triangular village green.

Christ Church, Canterbury was granted a church in Adisham in AD 616. The present building dates mainly from the 13th century. One thing that probably explains the size of the Church is that the monks of Christ Church once had a Priory here in Adisham but along with so many of these establishments, they disappeared at the time of the dissolution of the monasteries.

The Church is unusual in Kent because of its crossing tower with the pinnacle roof and cruciform design. The Church became this design in the 14th Century when transepts were added to the Norman Church.
The tower was originally castellated but was shortened and restored with its present roof as the result of repairs required in the mid-1800's.

I obtained information about the Church, from the excellent Kent resources and British History on Line as well as James Anthony Syms "Kent Country Churches - continued".

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