Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Spots and Pyramids

A glorious day and I took a walk along the cliffs to the Lighthouse and then along the old tramway below the NT White Cliffs Car park

Quite near the Lighthouse I found this rather small Common Spotted Orchid, small but still a welcome sight.

Down at the old Tramway the grass was full of these beauties, varying in colour from almost white to a deeper pink or purple.

There were quite a few Blue Butterflies around, including this Adonis Blue. It is not as well marked as some are but at least it did stop for a quick photo, unlike other that seemed to be in perpetual motion.

I also saw the first Meadow Brown that I've seen this year. I seemed to want to play hide and seek in amongst the grasses and never rested with its wings open.

There were still some Painted Ladies around, but far fewer than there had been a week ago. Several of those that I saw were getting very worn. It will be a while before the next generation from the huge immigration, is on the wing. These butterflies will be pristine but unfortunately the Painted Lady is unable to survive through our winters, so the large numbers this year doesn't necessarily mean a good number next year.
Near the top of the path, back up to the car park I found the first Pyramidal Orchids that I have seen this year. I suspect that the very sheltered site has brought these on a little earlier than those that flower in more exposed areas along the top of the cliffs.

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Susan said...

So we are maybe a fortnight ahead of you here in the Loire. Common Spotteds are actually rather rare around here, but the Heath Spotteds have been out for at least 10 days, and the Pyramids were in their prime then too.

Went to a new site for us yesterday and saw 10 species of orchid and photographed Adonis Blues too. Saw a Painted Lady caterpillar in the back garden too. Clouded Yellows and Southern White Admirals aplenty now.