Sunday, 2 August 2009


I had hoped to get some photos of the Little Owls that are around Bockhill Farm. Several times recently I've heard one being mobbed in Farm Wood but I've never managed to get in a position to get a picture before it's either moved on or buried itself in the ivy. Recently Gerald got a nice series of shots and I hoped that I would be cooperative for me. It wasn't when I hoped it would be but when I got to the hedge at the back of the Freedown I could hear the tell tale calls and scoldings that means small birds are mobbing an Owl.

I didn't managed to see anything other that the briefest glimpse of a Little Owl slipping round the corner. There were two or three Rabbits that had ventured out into the field of flax, and most of the time I could only see the ears. This one stood up to look round, as if to say "when the hell am I" but didn't seem to be over worried by the camera.

Hopefully the stubble fields will attract some migrants now that things are beginning to move, I might even get the chance to increase the number of species I've phtoes sitting on bales of straw.

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