Friday, 7 August 2009

Four of the best

There have been a few moths in the last day or so, that I've photographed, here are four of my favourites.

Northern Rustic (Standfussiana lucernea)
There are only a few records of this moth in Kent each year and this is my fifth in three years.

Black Arches ( Lymantria monacha )
I only get one or two of this beautiful moth each year. The pattern is extraordinary, quite "William Morris" rather than Tony Morris. It has a "local" designation, and is often associated with oak woodland.

Bordered Straw ( Heliothis peltigera )

After the fantastic year of 2006, when I caught 22 Bordered Straws, there was one in 2007 and none in 2008. Although most of my records have been earlier than Aug 7th, there is still time for a few more of this migrant this year.

Scorched Carpet (Ligdia adustata)
Another locally distributed moth, it is quite widespread in the south of England. It wouldn't sit still anywhere that I wanted it to, but once it landed on the garden safari number notice that I had still go on my desk, it sat quite happily on it while I took its picture. It isn't common in the garden, I caught two in 2004 and this is the second this year.

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