Saturday, 8 August 2009

Wings overhead.

I had a go at a few flying birds at Oare Marshes today. As Steve Ashton and Mike Gould were also there I'm aware that there will be better images from this afternoon around.

Little Egret, I waited in vain for a Great White to visit but no luck.

Common Terns came close, but Black and Little remained distant.

When the Black-tailed Godwits left their roost it was then a test to capture it as it flew over head, and one that I passed only erratically. This one has more or lest moulted into winter plumage.

The Black-tailed Godwit has a lot of summer plumage still left to replace.

One of the distant Black Terns, there were seven around while I was there.

Late on something spooked all the birds, several of us searched but we couldn't find the cause of the panic.

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Warren Baker said...

nice flight shots Tony. Just hope one reaches my patch!