Sunday, 9 August 2009

Straw Men

Today might have been a bad day for the England Cricket team, but at Canterbury Kent had a thrilling win in the NatWest Pro40 against Middlesex. We were treated to 504 runs in total and Kent won by 12, despite Owais Shah's fantastic 130.

Back at home, with Pam away for a couple of days, one of my duties was to inspect the cabbage leaves for Large White butterfly eggs. I inevitable found some, but I bet I missed quite a few as well.
Here's a few of the birds from Oare Marshes when they weren't in the air. The Black Terns were always distant when they landed.

This young Moorhen was the living proof that there is such a thing as an ugly baby.

There were a few Ruff about. One of their characteristics is the very loose scapular feathers. These always blow about in the slightest wind making Ruffs look rather untidy.

The Golden Plovers roost close to the road. It is a real privilege being able to watch these fabulous birds at such close quarters.

There were other waders around, spot the Dunlin and Greenshank here.

I had an evening walk round Bockhill, hoping to see the Little Owl, perhaps perched on one of the straw bales. Instead there were a couple of youngsters, one on top and one pushing him along. It looks as is fey were enjoying it, but it seems rather dangerous and wouldn't be appreciated by the farm staff.
I got the impression they weren't that keen on being photographed in the act of "straw skiing".


Anonymous said...

Hey! That's the sort of thing your boys would have done in their youth!


Tony Morris said...

I was saying to Pam tonight, that's the sort of thing I'd have done in my youth! But the bales weren't round then, shame.