Monday, 10 August 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty

One of the joys of mothing is the intriguing names that many of our moths have been given by imaginative lepidopterists in the past

Poplar Lutestring (Tethea or)

This is the Poplar Lutestring. The second I've caught here, the first was in July 2003. The Poplar part is obvious, but I've now idea the why's and where's of the "Lutestring" name.

Sallow Kitten (Furcula furcula)

I've caught a few of these and I suppose that with a bit of wishful thinking the furry "face" could have the appearance of a Kitten.

I was pleased when I found the first one in my actinic trap, that I run next to the greenhouse, so I was surprised to find a second one in one of the "black-light" traps.

Toadflax Pug (Eupithecia linariata)

Some pugs are really difficult to identify, but this one is striking in appearance. Once the slightly larger Foxglove Pug has been eliminated theres nothing else like it.
Chocolate-tip (Clostera curtula)

I had a picture of the much rarer Scarce Chocolate Tip on July 27th, so it's good to get the commoner one to compare with it.

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Warren Baker said...

They are fascinating creatures Tony - with equally fascinating names!