Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Shh! don't wake the kids.

After a promising start to the year, when there seemed to be a fair few small tortoiseshells around once again they have become noticeable by their scarcity, in this area at least.

Thiws one was happily nectaring, and it is about to be joined by a Bumble-bee. Like the Honey Bee, all species of wild bee have done badly over the last few years. The reasons seem very complex and probably it is not a single cause that has and is continuing to cause their decline.

It's the time of year when spotty Green Woodpecker young are exploring the outside world. This one was on the lawn at Little Green, a long way back from the fence. I wondered if it would be at all curious about a bit of "pishing" and "squeaking". Many birds do respond, and I suppose this one turning its back on me, while not responding, was dissappointing.

A Jay came alomg to see what was going on, but quickly went when it discovered the source of the noise.
This Robin was bolder and it came very close while it scolded me for the disturbance.

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tut-tut said...

I saw a luna moth resting on a mailbox the other day. Quite spectacular.