Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Affordable Housing - can we afford it?

Many locals will be aware of the planning application to build 18 houses on agricultural land that extends right into the village.

This peaceful scene, that currently acts as a buffer between the Bay and the Village could soon be a building site. The Dover Express has the story on page three and it says that any one wishing to comment on the application, to Dover District Council has until Oct 2nd. Not long so hurry if you want to make your opinion known. The planning application can be found here

The proposed layout of the site can be found here

The exit from the site would be onto the already dangerously overcrowded Sea Street, shown above at 4pm. Half an hour earlier the road was crowded with people picking up their children from the primary school. Any addition load on this road is surely not a desirable development.

The supporting statement that accompanies the application acknowledges that the site lies outside of the development boundary of St Margaret’s at Cliffe, as defined by the Dover District Local Plan adopted 2002 (Local Plan). It then goes on to give reason why this sensible restriction on building should be waived in this case. Of course it doesn't give profit as one of the reasons, but then it wouldn't would it?
The statement can be found here:


With the arrival of Autumn some specialised moths have appeared in the traps.

Large Wainscot (Rhizedra lutosa)

This is mainly an October moth that I caught in 2005 and 2006, but not in 2007 and 2008. It is larger than the Common Wainscot with a characteristic outer curved cross row of five dots.

Autumnal Rustic (Eugnorisma glareosa)

This has appeared most years in small numbers, will all records between 23rd September and October 5th.

Frosted Orange (Gortyna flavago)

This is just the fourth record I've had of this attractive moth in the garden. All records have been in September.


Pat said...

18? We are having a 1000 next door to us and we used to call this the last road in London!!! Our objections were listened to but not heard.

Pat said...

Hit the wrong button. Meant to say I hope you have more success.