Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Garden watch

The Hidden House has had a new gas boiler this week, and this has entailed quite a revamp of the heating system, consequently I haven't been out much. Not that, if anything went wrong I'd be able to do much, but some one had to keep making pots of tea.

I did watch the bird activity in the garden, and it is fascinating to watch a Wren delving in to every nook and cranny looking for insects and spiders.

Finches have remained common visitors to the garden most of the summer, especially Greenfinches, and now there is an increase in the number of Chaffinches visiting. Our own breeding birds are supplemented by continental birds, taking advantage of the mild climate enjoyed by the residents of St Margaret's. Hopefully they will bring in some other visitors, like Siskins and Bramblings as they pass through on migration. Tomorrow is the 1st of October and a date when many rarities have been found on the Isles of Scilly or one of the Scottish Islands, but it is also the date that a Great Snipe was found at St Margaret's Bay, so here's hoping!

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Phil and Mandy said...

A couple of gorgeous photos taken there. Regards Phil