Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Going back in time

A while ago Ann Milne left a note about a house named Uplands in the Droveway, where here parents lived in the 1970's and 80's. At the time I failed to find it. Ann has now sent me some photos of the house from some years ago.

This is taken before the house was modified and is from pre-1922.

This is after the house was modified in c.1922. The fence and the gate are the same as in the first picture, presumably they were taken just before and just after the changes.

The photo above was taken in 1980 and it isn't very different to now.

This is uplands now, the hedge has grown and the windows have changed, but it is still quite recognisable as the house that Ann's parents lived in.
I hope the current owners don't mind me featuring their house, it obviously has an interesting history that I'm sure they will know about.

A walk around the farm and the freedown this afternoon was a bit uncomfortable in the windy conditions but there were a few birds around.

The group of Linnets that were feeding on the remains of the stubble became very agitated when an adult Hobby flew through. I hoped that it might hang around but it seemed to keep going.

Along the fence there were two or three Yellowhammers, that dived into the bushes as I walked along and this white tailed Corn Bunting. Four Wheatears and one Whinchat flitted along the fence in front of me and a Swift flew over, moving west.