Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Dotterel that flew over Jack and Phil the other day, and I couldn't resist going to see the bird that's been on the beach at Sandwich for a couple of days.

When I got to the right spot it was sitting quietly on the beach.

It did have a preen for a short while, but most of the time it was content to sit tight in the howling wind.
As with many Dotterels it was very confiding and took little notice of the camera. It did jump up and go for a short walk when a small dead plant almost blew into it after a particularly strong gust of wind.
From behind the two supercilium can be seen to join at the back.

Juvenile Dotterels and not as colourful as the adults but even so they are striking looking birds.

As I left it another big gust had made it briefly stand up, but it settled down into another little hollow a yard or so long the beach.

This was taken with an 80mm lens. More photos here.

On the way back I had a quick look at the Restharrow Scrape, that is now all but devoid of water. A few birds were coming down to drink in the puddles that were left, including this Yellow Wagtail.


Eagleseagles said...

I hope you will enter one of these in the KOS monthly comp....lovely bird (cant remember seeing a Dotterel in Kent before - seen them elsewhere) and great photos.


Tony Morris said...

There are lots of this bird around. I do send some pictures into the KOS for the photo Gallery but I don't think of it for the competition, I think that is getting too controversial with all the comments this week.

Adam said...

Fantastic photos as ever Tony - especially the first. Bet Restharrow is filling up nicely now!


Tony Morris said...

Thanks Adam, I was looking for a different angle.

Warren Baker said...

I agree with all Tony. Spectacular photo's.

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