Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The eleventh Hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh Month 1918.

Today, as everyone is I am sure is aware, is Armistice Day. Ninety one years ago peace was declared and the first World War ended, well at least on the Western Front.

Six years before that, on that very day day Irene Buttress, daughter of Bert and Lillian Buttress was born. How it was that they named my mother Irene, which is derived from the Greek and means peace, six years in advance of that day I'll always wonder at. She's with Pete in the photo above.

For the first time for many many days I didn't press the button on a camera once today. After the nostalgia, brought about by the day, I thought I'd take a quick look at previous years. 2005, a Grey Wagtail in the garden.

2006 a Green Woodpecker, also on the lawn (grass, it doesn't deserve to be called a lawn really).

In 2007 I was in Queensland Australia, at Atherton. I found a small flock of Sarus Cranes in a field near the road and watched them dancing.

Near by was a Willie Wagtail, although not related to the old world Wagtails, it does have some similarities. They like perching on petrol station roofs , for instance.

Last year, it was a Pied Wagtail in the Bay. I obviously could find a wagtail in 2006!

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