Saturday, 14 November 2009

A real Blow

The forecast was pretty well spot on today and the winds built up through the morning and reached a peak this afternoon. The port was closed from 12.00 noon until 16.30.

From the bay you could see various ferries hove to in the channel. With the winds being WSW they would have had just a little shelter from the cliffs compared to the actual entrance to the port.

The sea didn't look as rough as I can sometimes remember, but I think this is because the wind and the predominant currents are roughly in going in the same direction. If the wind is NE then the sea gets much rougher.

The port was quiet, but in one corner there were a lot of gulls sheltering. The weather was so bad, by then, it was impossible to get out and take a closer look, but I couldn't see any stray auks or sea ducks with them. Tomorrow might be the time to look.

Yesterday I noticed this Great-spot on the sunflower seed feeder. The two peanut feeders were there and full, so I was somewhat surprised, as I hadn't seen one on here before. Today was so windy I didn't see a single bird on the feeders, and I'm not sure if any were blown down in the gale.


Warren Baker said...

The GSW's in my garden prefer the Sunflower hearts Tony

Grandma P's Rambles Through Life said...

Hello Tony,
I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog.
I found it by chance.
My husband and I had a holiday in Thanet during October. We take lots of photographs - but not as good as your bird pictures, which are superb. Bill already covets your equipment I think! In fact he bought a telephoto lens this week.
When we returned home - only to Sussex - we looked places we have visited up on websites.
We spent only a couple of hours down in the bay at St Maragarets under Cliffe.
But having looked up information I am so glad I found your blog.
Best wishes,
Paula and Bill