Sunday, 8 November 2009

A fishy Story

A recipe for attracting big, uncolourful, aggressive birds. Buy a nice large Halibut (first see bank manager for loan!). Do the necessary to get all the nice Halibut steaks out of it. Take the meat of the head etc for soup, and then put the bits out on the lawn and see what happens.

It won't be long before the local Carrion Crows realise that there is a free meal going. I don't know if it is by smell or sight that they pick up the information, but it doesn't take long.

Herring Gulls arrive quickly as well, but they are a bit cautious about landing at first. Because of this caution my pictures are through the glass, any attempt at opening the window left the garden birdless.

This Carrion Crow has an interesting pattern on the tips of its primaries. I have seen some with white wings, and as I showed, a completely white one in Lancashire. This ones is a bit more subtle in its aberration.

I often get two Crows down, but this was the first time that three came down to the feast. I wonder if one is a last seasons off-spring?

Last and I suppose least, the Magpies arrive to see if there are any pickings. They did make an attempt while the crows were there but go chased off.

Passing the radio pylons along Reach Road, I had a quick scan for anything sitting up there, and quite near the top noticed a Peregrine surveying the fields below.

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