Sunday, 8 November 2009

Please show my best side!

A good while ago I had a rant about the rubbish left along Pond Lane. Mr Anonymous (which one I'm not allowed to know) admonished me for jumping to conclusions. He felt that they could accidentally have been dropped from a waste lorry.

So I suppose I'd better be careful about this piano, and alert everyone to the fact that they may have accidentally lost it off the back of their lorry.

I quite liked the fierce look the Rock Pipit had when I took the picture head on. It really showed how the character of the bird changes with the view you get. I think that the same is true with these two blackbirds.

He looks quite gentle when showing his profile.

This young female looks a fierce as it did when confronting the other Blackbird, shown above.

In fact it displaced the male that then went down to the large bath on the ground that is normally used by Wood Pigeons lounging about.

There was a sudden surge in the use of the feeders this afternoon, with a small group of Goldfinches brightening up the gloom.

Greenfinch and Chaffinch numbers were up a bit as well. I'll be needing to order more sunflower seeds next week.


Warren Baker said...

Ive seen it all now - a piano, just chucked into the wayside. Scumbags!

Keith Morris said...


Takke your grandson to the site of the dumped rubbish and say "play it again, Sam". Sorry!


Tony Morris said...

Nice one Keith, it might need a bit of renovation first.