Sunday, 29 November 2009

Gleaning from waste

I wasn't sure what this waste was, dumped on a field not too far away. It looked like the left over bits of cabbages, but I was surprised that this attracted so many gulls and crows. Even from a distance they didn't hang around when I wound down the window. I'm still hoping for a gull rarity, but these were all Herring Gulls, with a couple of Greater Black-backs, already departed, before the camera got into action.
I also came across a large feeding flock of Jackdaws, and their calls reminded me that I'd read a some sort of folklore about the Jackdaws calls in a novel. If you listen carefully they make two calls, some mono- and some bi-syllabic, but I can remember the two meanings given. I thought it was in King Solomon's Mine, by H Rider Haggard, but I can't find it there. If you know what I'm thinking of let me know.

Further along there was a pile of straw that was being examined for food by a Magpie and a headless Pheasant, well it had it's head down while it scratched about.

It was amazing how much it looked like a long tailed chicken when it was scrapping about in the straw. But of course they are closely related. both in the Order Galliformes and usually put in the same family, Phasianidae. Chickens, of course come originally from Red Junglefowl, a bird of the Indian Subcontinent, and outher parts of Asia.

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