Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow birds

About four or five inches of snow arrived overnight. The garden was quickly full of birds, and of course someone had to go and fill the feeders and make sure that there was water to drink.

As usual bad weather brings in loads of Blackbirds, so far I've not seen one actually on a feeders but hey make use of the seeds dropped by the finches above them.

I thought. at first.that this one had a damaged leg, but it seemed to be able to walk OK. I think that it was just reducing the heat it loss via its feet by taking one out of the snow when it was standing still.

When the weather is bad there always a chance of something more unusual coming in to the garden to feed. This Pigeon, this Ptarmigan look alike, is the nearest we got today. It is ringed, so it is one of those from someones pigeon loft. It looks very at home in the snow, and it is much less visible when the snow is on the ground than usual.

Robins are now regulars on the feeders but somehow still look more comfortable when foraging on the ground. As we are getting near Christmas I thought that this Christmas Card type scene was quite appropriate.

I have put a few feeders close to the house, and some of the birds, particularly Blue Tits are quite happy feeding right out side the kitchen window.