Friday, 18 December 2009

Will it be a white Christmas?

This was the garden at 3.15 pm. Unlike much of Kent we woke up to very little snow this morning, and so far there has only been a about 1/4 inch added this evening. Unfortunately the rest of the south-east suffered a much heavier fall, making road conditions pretty bad. The long tern forecast doesn't give too many clues for Christmas day, them temperature is forecast for 1 deg and rain all day. This would normally be cold enough for snow, so who knows.

A little be of sad news came from Australia, in a note from Peter Jacobs, who lives in Waikerie.

Peter informed me that Mrs Stella Mack, of Eremophila Park died on Dec 9th. On Oct 22nd 2007 she kindly showed the Birdquest group I was with in Australia, the Malleefowl nest that had featured in David Attenborough's life of birds.

David's note said "Stella and her late husband were very focused on preserving habitat for birds, especially for the very endangered malleefowl. Her legacy will live on. "

This is the incredible nest that the Malleefowl lay their eggs in. They control the temperature of the eggs by covering them with the required amount of vegetation.

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