Tuesday, 12 January 2010

An evening at the WI

Anyone wanting to come to St Margaret's this morning would have been met with a "Road Closed" notice.

There was certainly a lot of snow still on the sides of the road, where the show ploughs had piled it up.
The road was single lane in places yesterday, resulting in the need to back up to a wider area if you met a vehicle coming towards you.

With the temperature still around zero there were stretches that were extremely slippery. I didn't look later but I assume that the road was opened later in the day.

This evening I had a privilege, not often afforded a man, of going to a WI meeting in the village. Nearly ten years ago another Tony, the then Prime Minister, Blair, was given a hostile reception by the WI, who slow-handclapped and heckled him. I had an appreciative audience, possibly because I was showing "pretty" pictures, rather than preaching moral values in a politically mis-judged speech. I was impressed by the fact that despite the inclement weather at least 40 members turned up. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, despite being somewhat nervous in such formidable company. More information about this group can be found here.

This is part of the meeting, during the tea break.

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