Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Queuing Up

When Pam first put out her batches of bulk bird pudding the gulls only came down to feed when it had been out for a while and had attracted other birds to it.

Now even the shy Common Gulls are standing around on the grass waiting for their breakfast to arrive.
I must admit that Common Gulls make good subjects, they look much more gentle than Herring Gulls and much more dignified than the noisy Black-headed Gulls. This moulting young bird looks particularly good with the delicate crescents down it's flanks and breast.

I was somewhat surprised at how well the gang of Pigeons got on with the Black-headed Gulls on the garden table, hardly a squabble between them!

To try and ensure the Blackbirds got some food I out a lot of chopped up fruit near the house, between the pot plants. I think this helped a bit as the Black-headed Gulls seemed reluctant to go between the pots. Even then the Blackbirds insisted on keeping the pecking distance between each other, they'd do better if they learnt to share.

I've noticed that the tits, especially the Great Tits spend as little time on the feeders as possible. Each sunflower seed is a smash and grab job, before it's 0ff to the bushes, I suppose that this is security winning over convenience.
On the other hand the Greenfinches (and Goldfinches) stay on as long as possible. As they are quite a few around it could be that they rely on one raising the alarm if danger threatens.

This Chaffinch spent most of the day feeding right by the patio doors, where I'd put some food, again I presume that the need for food overcame any fear of being that close to the window. I hardly budged when I came close.

With a bit of luck the big thaw will start tomorrow. I hope so, it may have been pretty, but it's gone on long enough now.
Queuing Up

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