Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Going Green

I was watching the birds on the feeders when I noticed the back of a Green Woodpecker on the grass.

I spent a long time in the same place, hardly raising it's head at all. It was son engrossed in what it was doing I was able to sneak out so that I could get some close pictures.

I did look up for a while, and sat in this position for a couple of minutes completely motionless, which I endeavoured to reciprocate. This is an addition to this years garden list, up to 28 so far.
This Goldfinch has become bold and is feeding on a feeder that it just a few feet from the window.

This bits for Pat, who wrote this to me
"Hi Tony,
We have four sparrows visiting at the moment but can't tell from our book which ones they are, "

Pat, there are two species of Sparrows that are resident in the UK. They are both somewhat reduced in numbers compared to when you and I were young. In Kent the Tree Sparrow is now confined to a very few colonies and they don't come to your garden. Just for interest it is similar the the male House Sparrow below, but is slightly smaller, has a brown, not grey cap and a white cheek with a black spot in it. see:

The House Sparrow is the bird you are seeing.

The House Sparrow is the bird that you are seeing in your garden. The male, above, is a handsome chap, with a black bib and grey cap.

The female is duller as are the youngsters, it lacks a bib and is quite plain.

The only other bird, that could be a confusion species in the Dunnock, it was called the Hedge Sparrow, but isn't closely related to sparrows at all. It doesn't normally go on feeders, although I have seen one or two try in the last year or so, the learn from other birds. The have interesting lives, see this.

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Pat said...

Thanks for this Tony,our count is only 10 but as you will remember, a few years ago, the only one I could recognise was a blackbird you should be impressed!!! Love the Green Woodpecker.