Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Several Fishermen, but no King

After talking to the park keeper the other day I decided to walk along the River Dour, where possible to see if I could come across the Kingfisher he'd been seeing. I started at the beyond the end of Bushy Ruff, going towards Alkham, and came across a group of four Herons at the end of the furthest lake on the other side of the road.

My friendly Dabchick was still feeding in the same area and was joined by a second bird, perhaps the start or continuation of a loving relationship.

I walked along the stream, and glimpsed a disappearing Grey Wagtail, but no Kingfisher. In the Kearsney Abbey Gardens there was one Grey Heron standing by the lake.

It didn't like me walking too close, so it flew to a tree on an island in the middle of the lake and settled down to rest.

I walked the stream all the way t0 the "waterfall" in the centre of River. A Grey wagtail is normally present in this area and didn't let me down today.

Standing on the bridge at Minnis Lane I got superb views of the Wagtail as it fed around the rocks, several times producing, what looked like, small worms from the cracks between the bricks. It looks perfect for a Kingfisher to fly through, but today wasn't to be my day.

Further along Lower Road, just before the Crabble Corn Mill a single Little Egret sat huddled in the reeds.
All around the waters here are notices proclaiming that it is private and that there should be no fishing!

I somehow think that these two fishermen are unlikely to take much heed of this proclamation.

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Dean said...

Great photos Tony and judging by the light, you had some sun.