Monday, 25 January 2010

You'll have to use your imagination.

The other evening. when I was in Pond Lane, I heard the distinctive sound of a Little Owl, calling from behind St Peter's Church. The habitat is perfect and you can almost hear one in the picture!

I had a walk round there as it got dark this evening, but unfortunately failed to find one tonight. In previous years one occasionally sat on the wires by the road or on top of one of the telegraph poles but I haven't seen one hear for some time. I'll try again but at least the calling bird confirms the presence for the BTO Atlas survey.

While I was looking I became aware of a cacophony coming from the other side of the road, and although it was almost dark (the camera can lie about the light) I could see a number of birds entering this small hedge outside Wallet's Court. As far as I could hear the noise was from House Sparrows and quite a good number of them. Considering the way numbers have been dropping it was good to hear such a noisy bunch. I'll have to watch from an earlier time and try to count the number coming in to roost.


Adam said...

Hi Tony got a roost of 30+ House Sparrows in a privet hedge at the top of my road - always makes me smile that their nosy chattering suddenly stops as I walk by only to start up again after I've past. I imagine 30 pairs of eyes silently watching me walk on by - then "he's gone, right what were we talking about"!


Tony Morris said...

Hi Adam, yes they are a fantastically joyful sound, and as you say, as soon as you approach it is silence.