Sunday, 31 January 2010

A tasty fungus?

The temperature fell low enough last night to freeze the ponds over, and although the waterfall was running slowly quite large icicles formed. I was pleased to see at least one fish deep in the water, so the Heron didn't quite get them all!

Despite the heavy frost for the last two nights, the fungus that I'd been meaning to photograph was still in quite good nick. I had expected it to have turned to a slimy mess. I think it is Auricularia auricula also known as Jews Ear. It has been growing prolifically on the elder tree stumps we've arranged in the front garden. It is also called Judas's Ear Fungus as it is said that Judas hanged himself on an Elder Tree. This is an edible fungus and is popular in Chinese cooking. There are lots of recipes here.

One of the birds I've seen surprisingly few of this year is the Kestrel. Perhaps I've just been unlucky but none have appeared on either of the TTV's I've done. I was pleased to see this one by the road near West Langdon. I would have been even more pleased if I'd seen the Red Kite that Joan Miller watched from Forstal Farm yesterday. There have been a couple of reports, I think one be hanging round the area at the moment. I be pleased to get any sightings.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog because I was searching for information about the boy's boarding school at Cliffe House. I'm writing a biography of the Irish writer William Maginn (1794-1842) and the 1841 census shows his son was a pupil at this school. Since you list history as an interest I thought you might point me to where to look.

David Latané
Richmond, VA

p.s. -- great photos!

Tony Morris said...

Hi David, there is a History Society in the village, if you e-mail me I'll send a contact e-mail. (I don't actually list history as an interest, it's Natural History - i.e. Nature in all it's manifestations). E-mail via my profile.