Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Badger time

A Badger dropped by, early enough (just after midnight) for Pam and I to watch him polishing off his nightly peanuts.

I said him, although I'm not sure if it's a male or female, it certainly isn't the same small female that we saw most often last year.

It might look as if it's got a Chinese takeaway but this was the handiest non breakable container I could find when I put the peanuts out, the do chuck their plates about a bit to get the last bits out.

I did one of my remaining TTV's, centred on Whitfield, and so many of the birds made it easy by singing, especially Robins and Dunnocks. I was a little disappointed as overall there wasn't that much to write home about. Noticeable today was the number of noisy House Sparrows around, let's hope it's a prelude to a revival. I was also surprised to find that some of the foot paths, in low lying edges of fields were still quite deep in snow, it's all gone from my garden.

Mediterranean Gull Green 153 was ringed as a second year bird at Le Portel, Pas de Calais on 3/8/2004. Since then it has been regularly reported from Folkestone, mostly by Ray Henson and Ian Hunter. It first appeared at Folkestone on 12/11/2004 and was reported 15 times until 19/3/2005 It was back on 4/7/2005 and 6/7/2005 before appearing at Le Portel on 12/7/2005. It was back in Folkestone from 16/7/2005 and was reported a further 33 times until 24/3/2006. It returned on 11/7/2006 and again on 13/7/2006, this time apparently with a mate. It was reported a further 34 times until 17/3/2007. On the 26/3/2007 it was reported at Antwerp. Belgium and again on 26/3/2007, this time paired. On 14/4/2007 it was at Oostburg in the Netherlands. In the autumn of 2007 it appeared at Folkestone on 3/8/2007 and not seen again until 5/1/2008 and then on 23/2/2008 and 5/3/2008. It was back in Antwerp on 22/3/2008. The next report was from Le Portel on 25/7/2008. Only four records in Folkestone for the winter of 2008/9 first on 21/12/2008 and last on 14/3/2009. No summer records for 2009 but then reported In Folkestone on 28/7/2009 and a further four dates to 15/2/2010.

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Eagleseagles said...

Very interesting information on the ringed "Med" Gull.

Lovely to have Badger in your garden!