Thursday, 4 February 2010


I'm not sponsored by Aldi's honestly I'm not, but I feel I have to pass on the piece of marketing on their behalf. Last year a friend (thanks Ray) told me he'd bought a very cheap Nest Box with Camera kit from Aldi and that it had been very successful. On Sunday he e-mailed me to say they were one of their offers for this week, starting today.

Well at £39.99, compared to double or treble that price elsewhere, I could resist going to have a look. I have to admit that the nest box style wasn't necessarily the best I've seen, but I could see nothing fundamentally wrong with it. Such good value seemed too good to miss, so I bought two.

After the session I'd had with the instructions for Sam's digger truck, I was relieved to open the box and find a totally comprehensible booklet, that not only had a full inventory of what was in the box but also a set of instructions written in the English language. So I emptied the contents onto the carpet and followed the instructions while watching countdown. It can't have been too taxing, because I'd put the box together, with no problems and solved all the numbers games within the 45 secs given.

The nest-box it now in place and connected to the kitchen TV, we just need some birds in there because the empty box is onlt marginally better to watch than East-enders. The only small problem I had was the method of attaching to the tree. The fixing bracket provided won't work without a little modification, but this was comparatively trivial.

My main worry is whether the Blue Tits that have used this nest box every year for four years, will take to the new styled accommodation. It is in exactly the same place, but I had to move some of the ivy to put it up. It's just wait and see and hope that they nest and are successful in their new home.
For a really good site on Nest Box Camera Studies see the Blue Tit Diaries

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Warren Baker said...

Id watch the inside of an empty nestbox anytime, over east enders!

Good luck with the viewing Tony