Friday, 5 February 2010

Filling in the gaps

The Skyline is never fixed, things change over time and this is the second new roof to appear on our horizon since we mover here 10 years ago.

Foxley, across the road appeared the year before last and these two new cottages took shape last year.
They are now pretty well finished and fit nicely and in character into Kingsdown Road, although the wouldn't suit anyone who wanted a garden.

Even the face of Chapel Lane is changing with a new house squeezing in. just behind the village pond. It looks a decent house, but the gap between it and it's neighbours is a bit on the narrow side.

It is a year and a half since I pondered on what would happen to Groves Cottage, and apart from clearing the garden and boarding the windows there is little to see so far. As I said then, I wait with interest to see the outcome of any update or new build, as I have always thought Chapel lane the most attractive part of the village centre.

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