Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Green victory

I was watching the rather laboured efforts of the Irish and Italian sides in the six nations, when there was a loud bang on the window. I looked round and saw an adult Greenfinch flutter to the ground. As it seemed still alive but stunned I was going to leave it to recover by itself. Then I realised I'd seen one of the fiercest of predators walk by not long ago, and not wishing to spoil the appetite of one of my neighbours cats, I went out and retrieved the little chap. It was still breathing, but obviously distressed as it was panting, and although it fluttered a bit, it certainly couldn't fly away. Pam and I decided to rest it in one of the flower pots on the porch and Keep and eye on it. After 10 minutes or so I went and had a look, and it was still there, seemingly dozing away, so I though I'd take it's picture. One click of the shutter seemed to wake it up, and before I'd got ready for a better second shot it sat up straight and flew strongly off. I hope that it really had recovered and that there were no permanent injuries I hadn't seen, the least it will have is a headache as will the Italian coach after his sides loosing 29-11
Better was to come with England's win over the Welsh by 30-17, a core that perhaps flattered the English a little.

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