Sunday, 7 February 2010

Peanut reprise

I thought that I'd spoken too soon, when the Woodpecker that had been drumming on the tree next to my study, came down and landed on the peanuts. It did have a few pecks, but didn't stay there long.

Before I could take a photo of it in it's retro pose it flew towards me and landed on a near vertical branch, and stayed a while as if trying to make up it's mind what to do next.

Qiute predictably it went on to a sunflower seed feeder and stayed for a good while eating the hearts. The new nest box, with camera and microphone isn't far away and although the box is empty (most of the time) I could hear it's "chip" call through the mike, very now and again. The box did get a brief visit, when a Blue Tit popped in for an inspection. I haven't yet got a system for quickly capturing an image from the camera, but I'm investigating so that hopefully when they do get down to business I'll get some pictures.

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Neil said...

nice pics and nice garden sighting :)