Sunday, 28 February 2010

Comparing Years

Three years ago, on 28/2/2007. it was a bright and sunny day. No my memory is not that good, but I had a look at the pictures I took. Today wasn't quite as bad as forecast, but it did rain heavily for much of the day. Along Reach Road/Upper Road the water collected in a dip and was over a foot deep for about 30 yards. I was worried that I would stall in it and get my feet wet! It didn't stall, but I didn't come back the same way, just in case. A visit to the Bay at high-tide, and a big sprig tide at that, was disappointing. I was expecting spectacular waves, crashing against the seas wall , making a dramatic photographic opportunity. But what was there? The sea was as flat as a mill pond and the waves no bigger than I'd make if I jumped in!

Somethings haven't changed from Feb 28th 2007, Wood Pigeons are still clinging to the Ivy in search of berries, but I think this year that there are now very few left.

Three years ago the frogs had been active in the pond for a while and there was already a lot spawn. Soon after this some heavy frosts killed most of it. This year today was the first day I've found a frog active in the pond. I only saw one and there certainly isn't any frog spawn yet. It will be interesting to see if being late means that in the long run more of it survives than has been the case in the last few "early" years.


Warren Baker said...

''The waves were no bigger than if i'd jumped in''

You set yourself up there tony....but I wont dare!

In 2008 I photographed the blackthorn bloom fully out on Feb 4th. This year they are not even near opening.

Tony Morris said...

I thought somebody would Warren,but I'm not responsible for the tsunami!