Thursday, 18 March 2010

Badger fights, and that's amongst themselves!

I thought that my method of putting out two helpings of peanuts was working well last night.

Both of the regular Badgers arrived last night, although I think I may have missed an earlier quick visit as one of the helpings looked as if it had be partly eaten.

"Scar-face" was still eating when the other one finished, but it was quickly muscled out of the way after a quick dispute. A bit of pushing and shoving did carry on but it was obvious who was boss. When I looked at the pictures I could see that "Scar-face" was sporting another facial wound. When they left the lit area there was a sudden burst of sound, a very loud jittering noise almost a scream went on for several seconds before I saw them run past. When they got to the back garden they tripped a security light and I could see then running quickly across the lawn. I couldn't tell if one was chasing the other or if they were just both hurrying away.

Tonight "Scar-face" turned up alone and it was obvious that it has been wounded again. It doesn't seem to affect it going about it's business but I felt as if I wanted to get to a vet and get the wounds cleaned and dressed but I presume it will heal up all right.

Moths, Just four moths of three species so far this wee, one ech of March Moth and Common Quaker and two Hebrew Characters.

March Moth

Common Quaker

Hebrew Character

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