Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spawning Spring

Almost a month later than last year frog spawn has started to appear in both of our ponds.

The first appeared in the "bottom pond" in the front garden. This is the pond that still has fish in it (those that the Heron has left us). I will probably move it to the top pond which is reserved for wild life. The top pond has a small amount of spawn in it, but it does have about 100 frogs noisily courting. Within a day or so I expect that there will be a great deal more spawn here and hopefully, because it is later than last year, it will develop without any heavy frosts killing a lot of it before it hatches.

Both camera boxes are having regular visits from pairs of Blue Tits, this box is in the Birch Tree in the "side garden" and the box is lean and tidy so far, not sign of any nests being built but I'm hopeful that it will be used.

The "Study box" also has regular visits from, I think a different pair (one certainly is) and is looking a bit dirty as the scruffier looking of the two birds uses it to roost in each night. Again the two of them pop in and out but as yet no sign of nesting material.

I mentioned the pushing and shoving that went on the other night between the two visiting Badgers. This is a snippet of them disputing their super.

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Adam said...

Great photo of the spawn Tony.