Saturday, 6 March 2010

Surprise, Surprise

There was a surprise for me when I checked the video clips taken last night.

This visit was at twenty past eleven last night and I didn't see the Fox at all. It was before the Badgers and obviously peanuts are not on it's list of likes as it didn't touch them. The problem with Fox friendly food is that it inevitably attracts one of the many cats that seem to think my garden is part of their territory.

The coffee morning at the Village Hall for the Carers Support Group seemed to go well.

There was lots to do, for instance you could throw sticky balls at Shreck it that was your thing!

Or find a nice sticky cake to ruin your resolve to loose some weight (I'm am of course referring to me with this comment).
The ere were many interesting items on the sales stall (do you still call it a White Elephant Stall?). I hope that a reasonable amount of money was raised, it was a good effort for a worthy cause.

When I got out of the stupor that Tottenham and Fulham had induced I put the Badgers peanuts out at 7.20 p.m., early considering it must have been after midnight that they came last night.

So I was very surprised when one turned up at 7.40 p.m., with the second one not far behind.

The didn't take long over their snack, although one was a bit jumpy when I laid on the carpet, about three feet in front of his nose, to take his portrait.

The video shows then from one side, they seem quite content to eat side by side, not like the cubs, which I hope will come later in the year. The year that three came regularly they were quite quarrelsome.

I hadn't notice before, but one seems to have a broad pale stripe running down it's back.

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Phil and Mandy said...

What lovely footage and photos.