Monday, 8 March 2010

Waiting for Pamela (apologies to Samuel Becket!)

If I ever write an autobiography Waiting for Pamela will be the title. (her friends will know what I mean!).

Sometimes the gap between real time and PT (Pam Time) can be usefully put to use and yesterday I took the few minutes to watch and photograph the feeders out side my study. There is a good flock of Chaffinches round the garden at the moment and they spend most of their time on the ground, with an occasional foray to the feeders.

There's been a lot of posts on the KOS forum about the lack of Greenfinches in many members gardens, but the garden here has had a good number through most of the winter. I didn't manage a picture of one at each port but as this is just one of 12 sunflower seed feeders in the garden (total of 50 ports) you get an idea that the Greenfinches are quite numerous in the garden at this time. On the other hand I did find that all the finches seemed to be in short supply in both farmland and woodland when I did my TTV's. This week I've notices a lot of singing Greenfinches round the village.

The biggest bonus was the arrival of the first Siskin that I've seen in the garden this spring. In much of the county they are winter visitors as well as passage migrants, but here I only see them during migration. It was only one bird, but it did brighten up the day.

To complete the quartet of finches a few Goldfinches were around, and several were singing in the area.

We went to Walthamstow to help Rocio celebrate her 35++ birthday. Sam and his friends were keen to help Rocio cut the cake.

They were even keener to clear up the bits of chocolate that mysteriously became detached from the top of the cake. The Castle pub were we gathered is a real community Pub in Walthamstow Village, making families with children welcome and serving good food. Perhaps we're learning from our continental neighbours.

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Mike Watson said...

I have been waiting for Pamela for years, Anderson that is but not a text, phone call..nothing:( Br, Mike