Sunday, 14 March 2010

Look Up!

Today I had a couple of hours sat on a view point, listening to and watching, Common Buzzards in Kent and only 8 Km or 5 miles. Today there was no intermingling with the two Red Kites, as happened on Friday, but I may have glimpsed them distantly but lost them before I could get the scope on them.

There were a least six different Buzzards in the area and due to the fine weather they were often circling high in the sky. This one flew low over my head and them came back to circle over me.

Because it was around midday the sun was high and at times it was difficult to get the birds at the right angle to see the details properly.

Above, the same bird again, the moult on the left wing appears to be less advanced than the right, but this might be due to the angle.

Over the next field three Buzzards were circling in the air and were joined by a female Sparrowhawk. This bird seems pretty "complete" with mone of it's flight feathers or tail feathers missing.

A few missing secondaries on the right wing made this bird easy to follow.

I saw this bird a couple of times. Distantly the missing central tail feathers gave it a Kite like appearance, but closer views showed it was a Common Buzzard.

At this time of year it is always worth while inspecting the skies on bright sunny days as many raptors spend time in the air displaying over their territories.