Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ne'er cast a clout till May be out

Well the May or Hawthorn is most definitely out and it was certainly time to cast a few clouts today with the sun beating down. I got down to shirt sleeves, and it was truly glorious. I seems that the saying may indeed have referred to the month of May, although I've always felt it far more romantic to consider it related to the blossoms now so prolific on the Hawthorn bushes and trees.

The trees are covered in insects with Bumblebees being the most prolific.

There have been a lot of butterflies about in the sunshine and Brimstones have been very evident. I find them extremely difficult to photograph as they seldom settle nearby and when they do they never have their wings open.

The number of Swallows is building up and there was a pair perching on the wires in the Droveway, allowing closer approach than the ones yesterday. At this time of year the long tail streamers are complete, by the end of the breeding season they will be worn and broken.

Yellowhammers seem to be doing well and today I found three singing males along Kingsdown Road, I know one featured yesterday, but they are really stunning at this time of year.

Although, as I've said before, the trend in population has be a serious decline, my feeling is locally there are a few more about. Let's hope I'm right and that it is happening over a wider area.


Gavin Haig said...

Apologies if I'm wrong Tony, but isn't that blackthorn blossom? On our patch the blackthorns have only recently come into flower (much later than in the last few years I think) - is your flora really that far ahead of us?

Tony Morris said...

Of course you're right! I'm not making excuses but it was the Bumbles I was after and I didn't look properly, what a numpty!