Thursday, 15 April 2010

Spring puts in an appearance

It is always a mistake to take the wonderful hobby of birding for granted. So when I set off for a visit to park Wood I really shouldn't have started thinking about the set of pictures of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers that I hoped to obtain. When I arrived I met Phil Smith who recently started his Kearsney birder blog Phil had featured this little beauty on his post last Sunday and as it is ages since I saw one I decided to go and take a look. The signs weren't good when Phil, told me he hadn't seen one today. He was good enough to show me where he'd watched them last Sunday and knowing that they sometimes disappear for a while I still had some hopes.

I decided to wander round the wood for a while and return to this area later. In the denser part of the wood there were no Blue Bells yet showing but near the edge in a less shaded, but still sheltered are the first flowers were now showing.

There were quite a few violets out, I think they are Wood Dog Violets, which flower earlier than Common Dog Violets.

There were also good numbers of Primroses, and after writing, a couple of days ago that Dark-edged Bee-flies often nectared on them, with out ever having seen them doing so myself, several were acting as pop in cafes for these attractive flies. The birds were not very active, although a couple of male Blackcaps were singing vigorously and cursing each other with loud tacks in a territorial dispute. I did hear the call of a Marsh Tit but failed to find it. Two Chaffinches were delivering their monotonous songs but still no sign of the Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers. I'll have to wait for another day.

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