Monday, 31 May 2010

Progress report

Although there are few moths around it was pleasing to find this beauty in my moth trap.

Small Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila porcellus)

Small Elephant Hawkmoths are smaller but even more brightly coloured than Elephant Hawk-moths. it is however more locally distributed, but occurs widely in Britain. It is regular here because of it's preference for chalky areas and dry grassy localities. The caterpillars, which are similar to those of Elephant Hawk-moths, feed mostly on bedstraw.

The worst sort of weather to photograph woodland plants in is dull, drizzly and windy, butI felt the need to go along and see how the White Helleborine and Man Orchids had progressed over the last week. The Helleborine is certainly more out and had it been decent light and not windy it would have been a good subject.

The Man Orchids have move along a bit, but because of the temperatures we've been having in the last few days they are still a little reluctant to get all of there toes out in the cold.

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