Friday, 28 May 2010

Village Play area

A couple of day ago I described how our Little Mum Badger reacted when another Badger arrived while she was eating. I've put a couple of video clips of the action. Unfortunately there's no sound, but you can see her snarl/growl even if you can't hear it.

Due to the wide angle of the video lens Little Mum looks as large or larger than Brush Tail when he arrives. In fact he's quite a bit bigger than her.

Anyone in the Village who gets the parish Magazine or reads the local paper will have seen the pieces in them about the group raising money for an improved play area, with a picnic area. in the King George V Recreation Field. They have a very informative WEB site with details of this project and a lot of information about the village here. If you have already done it, make sure you get some of their raffle tickets, Tracy Evans will be only too pleased to sell you some. They will have a stand at the Village Fair on June 5th so go along and find out all about it then.

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