Friday, 23 July 2010

Pigeon brained

Outside the lounge windows we have a pergola with a vine growing. So far no Chateau Morris, or even edible grapes, but lots of leaves and growth.

I looked up yesterday and realised that the loose bunch of sticks above my head had a Woodpigeon sitting on it.

The "nest" looks very flimsy and the gaps between the twigs look large enough for an egg to drop through. I some how don't think that this nest will be successful.

The off duty pigeon keeps a beady eye on proceedings from the top of the roof. I get the feeling that pigeons wouldn't rate very highly in a list of avian intelligence levels.

This rather nice little bug was in my moth trap this morning, I don't know what it is and have so far failed to find it on the WEB, so if you know please leave the answer below.

Most of the time I concentrate on the macro moths that I catch. The micros are often too difficult to identify without resorting to microscopic examination, or dissection. The family of Pyaralids is one of the Micro moth families that has some species as large as many of the macros and that some good literature written about it. So when I see one that looks interesting I do try and idendtify it. Last night I caught several new ones for the year.

Evergestis extimalis

Ringed China Mark (Parapoynx stratiotata)

Nephopterix angustella

Oncocera semirubella

Pempelia obductella


Richard said...

Hi Tony,
I think your bug is one of the Stenodema sp. Check out:

Tony Morris said...

Hi Richard,
Thanks, it is Miridius quadrivirgatus,