Saturday, 14 August 2010

Camera shy?

This morning, I met Brendan and Steve at Bockhill Farm, and although the light was awful and it was spitting with rain there were a few birds in Farm Wood and the edge of Bert's garden. The major event, for me, at least, were views of a pair of Common Treecreepers, the first I've seen on the patch. There were also at least two Pied Flycatchers, high in the canopy.

The big field next to Hope Point still has wheat in it, and there were two Whinchats out in the middle, feeding amongst the crop. The rain got harder and we retreated back to the shelter of the cars. I decided to return this afternoon and to try and get some pictures of them. They were more or less in the same area and I watched as they moved around the field. At one point the came to the edge nearest the cliff and then both sat on one the top of a small tree by the cliff top foot path. It looked an ideal opportunity to get same photos, but before I could get to a reasonable position, they were flushed by a group of walkers and they returned to the field. In the end I got a typically distant picture of one of then sitting up on the wheat. Tomorrow they might be more obliging..

As I walked back through the farmyard one of the Little Owls was on top of the barn. It looked asleep, but as soon as my camera was pointed in it's direction, it woke up and retreated to the cover of the trees.

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