Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Straw Men

Having got used to large round bales of straw over the last few decades I now think that they can look really attractive making interesting patterns in the fields. In addition they make great perches for birds and I enjoy collecting pictures of as many species as possible.

The big field nest to the golf course has been harvested and the bales have been out in the field a couple of days.
This year it is not going to have the straw bales on it for very long. The straw was quickly being taken away. I think that the driver of this piece of kit had the best job. Dashing round the field and loading up the trailers in double quick time.

There were several tractors and trailers in use, so it didn't take very long to clear the field. I presume the straw is of the the big diary farm at Ripple. At least Pam met a tractor and trailer full on a narrow road near Ripple this afternoon.

Once the trailer had 22 bales on it, they were secured and the driver was quickly away.

The field look very bare now, but with a bit of luck it will attract something interesting in the next few days, a rare Pipit or Bunting would be good. fingers crossed.

The area seemed quiet this afternoon. I did see a couple of Arctic Skuas for Samphire Hoe that Phil Smith saw while we were having a cuppa with Paul Holt. We got the scopes on them and watched them sadistically chasing migrating terns about. There were quite a few Gannets fishing out there, so I suspect there were plenty of opportunities for the piratical Skuas.
Back at Bockhill a Whinchat played hide and seek with me along the cliff top, and disappeared without trace just when I though I'd got close enough, and in the right direction for the light for a portrait session. As a front came through it brought a group of Swifts, I counted 11 but think I missed the first ones as I wasn't concentration on the sky. With them were at least 25 Sand Martins and good numbers of Swallows.


Susan said...

We always think they look like some vast herd migration. This year I've seen quite a few that have made a leap for freedom off the trailer and ended up on the roadside or in the river.

Deslilas said...

The same harvest method, fast but not very romantic as anywhere in Europe nowadays.