Tuesday, 3 August 2010

White Flashes

Once I'd processed my moths this morning I headed for Bockhill, hoping that the start of the migration season might brings something special.

At the monument three Wheatears were feeding on the well manicured grass. All three were as expected Northern Wheatears, perhaps alter in the season it will be Bockhill's turn for one the rare Oenanthe species visit.

Mind you there's nothing shabby about a Northern Wheatear they are very smart birds with a great dapper attitude, standing up straight in a military fashion.

I'm not 100% sure what this one is doing. I think that it is quite likely that it had just eaten either a slug or a snail and was wiping it's bill. I suppose it is possible that it just had an itch that it had to scratch. What ever it is, it means that the white rump that has lead to many of it's colloquial names is on display.

While we were watching a commotion in the sky caught our attention, as the local Herring Gull went up noisily and the local crows joined them. It wasn't long before the cause became evident when this Common Buzzard drifted over us, flying in a north-easterly direction.

The last time I photoed Burnets I was surprised when I looked at the pictures and I realised that I'd phot'ed Narrow-bordered Five -spot Burnet's. Now, later in the summer, it it Six-spot Burnets that are flying over much of the rough grass along the cliff tops.

There were a lot of butterflies around today including several groups of Marbled Whites. In certain areas Gatekeepers were very prolific, and I also saw a couple of Painted Ladies. Still wating for that elusive Camberwell Beauty.

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