Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The counting game

Trying to find birds in the bid field at the top of the cliff is like needles and haystacks. Fairly rapidly all the fields that have been cropped are being ploughed and the wonderful autumn habitat of stubble fields hardly lasts longer than a flew days.

This evening there seemed to be very few birds around, but the wind was up to 30 mph and nothing was moving around. On Saturday Phil and I found a good flock of Linnets in one of the large stubble fields, just behind the football ground. We played the usual birders game of estimating how many there were in the flock.

We both guessed a similar number and I then tried to get a picture of the flock as it flew round. This is most of them, although a few may have missed the lens. Enlarging and counting them was interesting, and showed that we had both underestimated them. Our guess was around 250 birds.

This is part of the flock, look at it for a few seconds and have a guess at the number, answers tomorrow.

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