Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Battle of Britain Day

There has been a lot on the television and the radio to remind us that it is 70 years ago that the heroics of the Royal Air Force and of course all those involved in the manufacture and maintenance of the Spitfires and Hurricanes got the better of the Luftwaffe. It was always believed that the 15th September 1940 marked the turning point of the battle in the air and therefore World War II.

Today we were treated to some fantastic views of a Spitfire flying over the white cliffs as it did all those years ago.

Today it was accompanied by a couple of friendly helicopters rather than the Messerschmitt's that might have been guarding the bombers as they come over.

I assume that they were filming the Spitfire as the pilot put it through it's paces over St Margaret's.

When it was above us it looked so small compared to modern day aircraft that it is hard to believe that it was the superiority of the RAF and their planes that caused Adolf Hitler to cancel his plans to invade England.
On another topic, I reckon that yesterdays two pictures of Linnets show about 288 and 145 (where the images merge or overlap it is sometimes difficult to count.


Anonymous said...

I was pointed at theses people: which probably accounts for the helicopters...

Tony Morris said...

Thanks, I wonder which option they took? £775 for 3hours, £350 for 30 mins or £175 for a 10 minute quickie!