Thursday, 16 September 2010

Getting a Grip?

I didn't get very long at Bockhill today, but there was time to see two Lapland Buntings and one Wheatear in the big field. A few Swallows and House Martins were moving through, often, it seemed, in batches, and with them there were a few Swifts.

As evening approached I decided to go over to the "otherside" (along Reach Road) and give the large stubble field there a quick look in case it was harbouring a flock of Lapland Buntings as yet un-found. I didn't find any, but there were two Ravens out in the middle, attracting the attention of several Jackdaws and Carrion Crows. By now it was about ten to seven and the evening sun reflected wonderfully off the glossy black feathers.

As they flew off, towards the remaining two of the three sisters, the deep honking "prook prook" call echoed across the field.

They may not be the most colourful of our birds but they are certainly a great addition the the local scene.

I did walk as far as the cliffs and got to a point with a good view along them. There are few more thrilling sights than an adult Peregrine sitting perched on a flint stone within range.

This evening I remembered to put the Badgers supper out early, and I was rewarded when one arrived at about This one was quite jumpy and unusually appeared to be aware of me on the other side of the glass, in spite of me having all the lights off in the room. It didn't stay long and left over half of the supper for later.

Later arrived at about 11 pm. and was a different Badger. This one wasn't going to be disturbed and even lay down to get into a comfortable position. I was sad to learn that it looks as if some farmers will get their way and be allowed to cull badgers on their land, this despite the evidence from research that seems to indicate that it will be counter productive. I get the feeling that for some farmers they scape goat the badgers as it saves them facing up to their own responsibilities for good practice on their farms and in the way they move stock around.

Answers on a postcard if you can fathom today's title!


John Young said...

Hi Tony, great Raven shots, they do make some excellent noises.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, getting a grip, Grip from Charles Dickens BARNABY RUDGE.Great photos by the way. All the best Pete Coleman.

Tony Morris said...

Yes, Grip featured in Barnaby Rudge,and was a real pet of Dickens.When it died it was stuffed and mounted and is now in the Free Library in Philadelphia.